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Clayton Webb

Knowing things is how one survives on the Potomac

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About Clayton Webb (Classified)

Full name: Clayton Webb
Eyes: Hazel Hair: Brown Height: 5'11"
Date of Birth: November 22, 1962 Place of Birth: Alexandria, Virginia
Marital Status: Single
Current Position: What it is: Deputy Director of Operations: Counterintelligence, Central Intelligence Agency
Current Position: What he tells people: Special Assistant to the Undersecretary of State

AB: History/Linguistics, Harvard University, 1984
Post Graduate, The National Cryptographic School

Employment History:
Clay has been with the Agency for over twenty years. Before that, he served in the Army and worked for the National Security Agency. Details can be found here.
Neville Webb: (Deceased) Worked for the NSA, CIA and was in charge of the Phoenix Project in Vietnam.
Porter Webb: Worked for the NSA breaking Russian Code for project Venona.
Detailed Biography
Personality and Interests

Webb is a pragmatic individual and is usually very cynical and sarcastic. He is also bound by duty to his country and the CIA and usually makes decisions without emotions. Webb also often wages an internal battles between doing what is right for the mission and helping his friends. Webb often enlisted the help of Naval Commander Harmon Rabb and Marine Colonel Sarah MacKenzie on his missions.

Webb was an Olympic Athlete competing in the modern pentathlon in 1988. He is also extremely proficient with his weapon of choice, a Baretta 21. During what little down time he has, he rides horses, plays the piano and cello and even occasionally takes his mother out to tango.


Covert Affairs/Covert Affairs Future Verse:> This is Webb's main verse and is played mostly with Annie Walker ([personal profile] freshoffthefarm) The verse spans all current and past seasons of "Covert Affairs" and six years in the future.

Other Verses: As of now, Webb really doesn't have any. I'm open to ideas, or if you would like to be a part of his "Covert Affairs" verse, please let me know.
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About the Mun and Disclaimers: Mun and Muse are over 18. I am not Steven Culp or Clayton Webb. Webb is the property of his creators.

Webb's Canon takes place after the end of JAG, however if you would like him before then too, that's fine just PM me. Also he is open to verses PM the mun to plot. Lastly, no slash please.

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